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New Addition

Nia’s Showcase album is the Aleem’s pick of special young, upcoming artists with unique artistic abilities as songwriters, singers and entertainer..Artists such as Supa Nova Slom aka Mr. Medicine Man has brewed up a real potent formula in the sound of his new dance single titled She Bad & Dis is 4 dim Laydees Genre: Electro/Hip-Hop Entrfied GOS...God of Sound, exercises his creativity and brilliance in his innovative new dance single title Children of the Sun With flavors of old school hip hop and jazz Genre: Electro/Hip-Hop The skeleton is finally out of the closet... East Coast Dre, the Music behind such greats as LL Cool J, Marley Marl and many others, has stepped from behind the console to give the world a taste of his brand of dance music. At the clubs you’ll be yelling to the dj...“Murda Me”!!! Genre: Electro/Hip-Hop/Dance. The Fantastic Aleems also hits you with a special instrumental Dance track on this “Showcase' album titled, "Dance4everifucan", and we’re sure you will try every time you hear this track!!! Genre: Electro/Hip-Hop/Dance. Nina Creese gives us a reggae version of the Aleems hit single “Confusion” and treats the listener with two other hits songs “You & I”, and ”Give it to Me”. Have a little futuristic fun with a group called Music Class and their song titled “Robot Fly”. Genre: Electro/Hip-Hop/Dance. Get on the case with SHOWCASE