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DIE LIKE A GHETTOFIGHTER In the summer of 1969 Jimi Hendrix sanctioned the name “Ghettofighter”. The expression was meant to be a derogatory term used by a Detroit gangster named Clarence “Mookie” Jackson.Jackson angrily hurled the word at Hendrix and his friends the Allen twins during a verbal altercation between the men on the streets of Harlem. After defusing the dispute and leaving the scene, Hendrix revealed that he liked the moniker and suggested that the Allen brothers use it as the name for their newly organized singing group. The Ghettofighters went on to record vocal background on three of Hendrix’s classic albums, “Cry of Love, War Heroes and Rainbow Bridge.Hendrix also took time to record guitar tracks on several of the Allen’s songs he intended to produce for their Ghettofighters debut album. Hendrix’s untimely death put an end to his production aspirations on the LP however, the framework for the album was laid and the Allen twins, now known as “The Aleems” have finally released what they and their mentor, Jimi Hendrix started forty-two years ago. This album is a tour de force and is titled “Die Like a Ghettofighter”. It is the Aleems musical tribute to their opulent legacy with Jimi Hendrix.